Educational Workshops

Financial Education: Critically Important to Employers and Employees

With the number of defined benefit (traditional pension) plans decreasing each year, employees need to be more proactive in properly funding their own retirement.

Your employees need to make sure they are contributing enough early on and that they are making the most informed decisions regarding their investment options as opposed to just hoping they have enough or taking a "wait and see approach."

Retirement Planning Today® offers the kind of support and guidance employees seek when it comes to personal financial matters. Many businesses do not have the in-house knowledge and experience to counsel employees on matters pertaining to retirement.

Local employers find Retirement Planning Today® courses a helpful and cost effective way to enhance their benefits package and help reduce the financial stress many employees face. Employees find value in the content and unbiased delivery of our materials, and are more at ease when making important financial decisions.

Retirement Planning Today® is delivered by Certified Financial Planner™ Practitioner Christopher DiStefano, CFP®.

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